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Nudes 02. Tania Pardo

Discover the connection between Tania Pardo, Founder & Creative Director at Jimenas, and RÊVER's new Nudes collection. Discover a joint exploration of nudity through circular forms that pays homage to femininity in its purest form.

At Jimenas, you often emphasize that product excellence is crucial to you. How has that feeling of vulnerability, experienced on many occasions in entrepreneurship, affected you?

For me, it’s been the most challenging aspect to manage. I am an extremely demanding and perfectionist person. This has made it difficult for me to have a good relationship with entrepreneurship, which is mainly built on assumptions and actions of third parties that you cannot fully control, although I am increasingly enjoying the process.

Entrepreneurship has made me more flexible and has taught me to seek solutions and alternatives to all the assumptions that may arise, even when I ultimately don’t need to employ them. I believe that entrepreneurship is about perseverance, consistency, and calm decision-making.

RÊVER’s pieces are produced in a local workshop in Spain, advocating for national talent and craftsmanship. Is Jimenas also a way to preserve this talent and the traditions surrounding Spanish craftsmanship?

It’s the driving force behind JIMENAS, giving it purpose and meaning. We are an honest, straightforward project with Spanish manufacturing; I don’t like things complicated. I specialize in footwear, bags, and accessories design, and all our manufacturing is centered in Spain by local artisans from Alicante and Valencia.

I always say that if one day I had to stop manufacturing in this way, the project would lose its meaning. I would prefer to close it down than to stop producing my designs sustainably locally. The brand will continue to grow and evolve over time, but maintaining our essence, our DNA - which is the soul of the project - is fundamental to me.

Jimenas buckles are inspired by an old piece of jewelry that your father gave to your mother many years ago, so the relationship between Jimenas and RÊVER is more than evident. Is there a piece of jewelry that is your signature?

I am passionate about the world of jewelry, and that’s why I always include it in my collections. I feel that each piece carries a halo of romance and sentiment. They are often pieces that mark a special moment or a memory of someone we treasure.

If I had to say something that I always wear, it would be a bracelet. I need to adorn my wrist with jewelry. As a designer, people often tell me it’s not the most practical for drawing, but I feel like something is missing if I don’t wear them. It’s already part of my personal identity.


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