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Nudes 01. Beatriz de los Mozos

Introducing a series of souls that resonate deeply with RÊVER and the new NUDES collection. Explore the connection of six entrepreneurial women from various industries delve into their sense of nakedness through their stories.
Discover a joint exploration of nudity through circular forms that pays homage to femininity in its purest form. Each woman and fine jewelry piece emanates a distinctive allure, steeped in sensuality and artistically guided by Adriana Roslin.
Introducing the first chapter of Nudes Series featuring Beatriz de los Mozos, CEO and Co-Founder at Flabelus.
The abyss of creating one’s own brand always generates feelings of insecurity. In your case, we have seen a resounding success with the ability to always look towards new horizons. How would you describe the sensation prior to making important decisions at Flabelus and that metaphorical nakedness?
“For me, it was a completely new world. As a lawyer, I had no idea about the fashion industry so I had to learn everything from scratch. My business also required a very complex structure from very early on, and that could lead to many errors all of which I made of course.
I can now comfortably say that this sense of unease has hugely evolved. At first, it was a leap into the unknown that kept me up for several nights. Now I take things much more philosophically, and I also know much better whether the decision aligns with where I want to go because I have a better idea of where we are heading.
I also believe that all those previous decisions where I messed up have helped me gain much more composure to make better decisions and be more at peace with myself.”
In Flabelus, literature plays a transcendental role in creating new collections, always inspired by female characters who have “changed the rules” of their time. Who do you think could be the character to inspire a collection
of the present time?
“From a very young age, I have had a passion for reading. At school, I used to read between 7-10 books a week; I love reading. I have read the great classics and have always been particularly drawn to the female protagonists of my novels, many of whom were written by female authors with whom I completely identified.
Our shoes could not help but be inspired by them, brave women who embody the spirit of struggle, courage, independence, and heart that led me to start Flabelus 3 years ago. So, I would say that the classics can easily be extrapolated to the present world, and all the female protagonists could still be today, because they are timeless, and what they teach us, their values, are universal and forever.”
RÊVER’s jewelry is designed to be timeless pieces for everyday wear. Do you identify with Flabelus initial idea in this description?
“Our main goal is to become an integral part of women’s wardrobes today, giving a fun and modern, but always elegant, twist to the classic sneaker.
Our main objective is to convey timelessness and versatility of style, culture, and personality through the brand’s products, showing customers that it is more about personal style than trends. Therefore, I believe that RÊVER and Flabelus couldn’t be more aligned.”


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