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Do you want to know everything about recycled gold?

As part of our commitment we work with responsibly sourced materials and recycled gold is one of them.

We are aware of the negative impact of mining activity and this is the reason why we do not want to work with mined gold as our commitment is to create new fine jewelry pieces respectful of the environment and people.

Recycle an existing resource

Currently, we have enough gold recovered from old pieces , for this reason we wanted to work with this material. Solid gold does not oxidize or discolor, so it can be recycled repeatedly while maintaining its quality. We want to give a new life to this existing resource in order to reduce the negative impact of mining activity.

We create high-quality pieces, made of solid 18k recycled gold with the aim that they can last over time and maintain the same properties as the first day.


Carats measure the purity of the precious metal and the purest form of gold is measured at 24k. Pure 24k gold is too soft for daily use, so gold is diluted with other metals to strengthen it and create jewelry that will last over time, this is the reason why we work with 18k gold (75% of pure gold).


The color of gold is determined by different alloys that create its shades: yellow, white and rose. At RÊVER we offer all our jewelry in the three colors of gold.

18k yellow gold does not need other metals in its alloy to create its color. Instead, 18k white gold is mixed with platinum and rhodium plated to achieve its color. Finally, the process of creating rose gold is very similar to that of yellow gold, in this case, copper is used to create the rose color.

At RÊVER we want to offer unique fine jewelry for your everyday life that has a positive environmental and social impact. Whether they are hoop earrings, engagement ring or piercings, we assure you that all meet our ethical and quality standards.


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