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Nudes 03. Beatriz Carranza

Introducing Nudes 03 featuring Beatriz Carranza. As an entrepreneur and Strategic Consultant in the Fashion and Luxury Industry for over a decade, Beatriz draws a parallel between nudity and the process of creating collections in the fashion industry.

From your experience in the fashion world, you must have seen truly iconic pieces being created from scratch. In this symbiosis with nudity and garment construction, how would you describe the nakedness that a collection undergoes before being developed?

The inception of a collection is undoubtedly its most magical moment. It starts with a specific and concrete vision, and then catalytic elements are combined to create a story. The result is a coherent narrative that explains the evolution of a brand through the lens of a particular collection inspiration. In this instance, RÊVER reinterprets basic elements through a brutalist, circular, and sensual lens. Refined atributes that have been delicatley portrayed in both Adriana’s photography and RÊVER’s jewelry.

The perfection demanded in the luxury world is unimaginable. Do you think that requirement has influenced your way of working?

When one defines perfection or perfectionism, it becomes a subjective concept that is entirely dependant on the parameters of the owners criterion.

Working within the Luxury spectrum has indeed altered and refined my take on projects both in a personal and professional way. With this in mind, rather than being a perfectionist, I consider myself a ‘crafter of luxury’, depiction that becomes obviously palpable in my working method and processes.

How do you relate your professional career to the pieces of Nudes? Are there any attributes of them that directly reflect your trajectory?

My career is a result of various serendipitous encounters which are beautifully metaphored in the picture of the earring scaling my ear. Each encounter marks a before and after, a learning experience and a journey. above all, an organic evolution towards subsequent challenges that present themselve unexpectedly like gifts on Christmas morning.


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