Transparency Compromise


We are committed to create a responsible project that promotes trust in the jewelry industry by offering full transparency and creating jewelry with purpose. Our choice is to work in the right direction and being totally transparent allows us to tell you how and where our jewelry is created.

We choose less is more in a world where, on many occasions, the acquisition of products generates an improper use of resources. Therefore, our jewelry is made under request in order to promote responsible consumption and reduce impact.

Our commitment embraces the entire production process, from the raw material to its delivery, reducing the environmental impact and guaranteeing the social rights of all the people involved.

Our mission is to offer quality sustainable jewelry handcrafted with a contemporary and minimalist design. We know that changes take time and working towards sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement. For all this, we want to give you the opportunity to make conscious choices and together push the jewelry industry towards a better and more responsible future.

100% traceable

100% traceable

No third parties

As part of our commitment, we work with the best artisans, removing third parties and excessive margins characteristic of traditional brands. So, we can offer you prices based on the real cost of raw material and production.


We want to deliver our jewelry with a packaging designed from responsibly sourced materials.

All our boxes are made of FSC certified paper and cardboard, sourced from responsibly cultivated forests to ensure the least impact.