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Dazzle with our necklaces selection handcrafted
with lab grown diamonds and recycled gold.

Necklaces handcrafted with 18k recycled gold and lab grown diamonds
Our collection of necklaces created from responsibly sourced materials, such as lab grown diamonds and recycled 18k gold, offers a wide assortment of unique designs that you can wear together for a maxi look or individually every day of the week. Sustainable handmade jewelry created by the best local artisans that helps us to reduce the impact on the planet and on the people who work to produce them. The collection of perfect essentials for your everyday that contribute to create a more conscious, clean and circular jewelry industry.

Jewelry handmade in Spain by artisans where contemporary and minimalist style mergers with craftsmanship and quality to create pieces that represents the uniqueness of each woman. All our necklaces are available in 18 karat recycled solid gold in its three colors: yellow, white or pink. Among all the available combinations, discover your preferred necklace and select your favourite recycled gold color from our ethical jewelry sustainable collection.

Responsibly sourced materials
RÊVER jewelry is produced from responsibly sourced materials that help us to create more sustainable jewelry and reduce the impact generated. Lab grown diamonds are the gemstones we always work. Sustainably created diamonds have the same properties as diamonds mined. The only difference is the point of origin, below ground for a mined diamond and above ground, in a specialized laboratory, for a created diamond.

For the metal, we always work our pieces with 18k recycled solid gold that allows us to take advantage of a natural resource already existing on the surface, giving old pieces a new life. Solid gold does not oxidize or discolor so it can be repeatedly recycled without degrading its quality.

Made in Spain production
All RÊVER necklaces are created in our workshop in Spain by the finest local artisans from materials of responsible origin: high quality stones and precious metals. We create all of our jewelry collection with recycled materials, such as 18k solid gold and responsibly sourced materials, such as lab grown diamonds, to bring you fair trade jewelry. The artisans bring our designs to life with the utmost precision and attention to detail, all necklaces are created one by one exclusively for you from traditional techniques combined with the latest technology to achieve the highest quality in each piece.

All our jewelry pieces are produced on demand and are ready to ship in 15 days, in this way we want to contribute to responsible consumption and reduce the impact caused by overstock. Our workshop located in Spain is part of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), which is the international organization committed to guaranteeing responsible business practices within the industry.

Chain length
All our necklaces have a chain length of 450mm and have three levels of closure, it fits perfectly to the length you prefer of your neck and cleavage. The three levels of closure we work are 400mm, 420mm and 450mm and they will allow you to adjust your necklace to wear it alone or mixed with other styles to achieve a maxi style on any occasion.

Made to Order
Our Made to Order service offers a personalized experience for you or for someone special where our team of experts will guide you to create a unique piece custom-made from your ideas. If you wish to request a specific necklace design or a necklace with a specific cut or color diamond, our team specialized in custom jewelry design will accompany you in all process. You will be part of each stage of the design process and once we work on all your ideas, you will receive different options to be able to choose the final design that best suits your preferences.

Working with lab grown diamonds allows us to offer a wide variety of diamond cuts (brilliant, oval, cushion, princess, pear, emerald, marquise, asscher, radiant, heart and baguette) and diamond colors (pink, blue, yellow, green, red and orange) to create unique jewelry for yourself or someone special. All lab grown diamonds we work bigger than 0.50cts are delivered with a lab grown diamond certificate from an official gemological institute through the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the Diamonds High Council of Antwerp (HRD).

We invite you to discover our collection of purpose jewelry created with 18k recycled gold and lab grown diamonds online at reverjewelry.com/en/fine-jewelry/necklaces or physically in Barcelona. The RÊVER team will be delighted to discover the collection with you and we will help you to choose the perfect piece for you or someone special. We are at your disposal for any question, sale or shipment, contact us at hello@reverjewelry.com or at +34 626 555 305.