Sustainable jewelry

Sustainable jewelry

Craftsmanship and sustainability at the heart of luxury

Craftsmanship and sustainability at the heart of luxury

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Handcrafted fine jewelry with 18k recycled gold and lab grown diamonds
RÊVER was born in 2021 with the commitment to create more sustainable and transparent pieces of jewelry with the highest quality and unique designs to wear them everyday.

We know that daily purchase choices have a social and environmental cost; therefore, we want to be part of the solution – because now more than ever, our choices matter. We create sustainable jewelry for your everyday. Unique pieces from responsibly sourced materials, lab grown diamonds and recycled gold, that help us to reduce our impact on the planet and people. 18k recycled gold, lab grown diamonds and the best local artisans craft our sustainable handmade jewelry to bring you fair trade jewelry. More than an accessory, each RÊVER piece is a unique jewel you can feel good about.

18k recycled gold
As part of our social and environmental commitment, we create sustainable jewelry with recycled materials as we craft all our pieces with 18k recycled gold. In this way, we do not contribute to the demand increase of new mined gold, which generates a high social and environmental impact; instead, we focus on existing resources such as gold, as it is a precious metal that can be repeatedly recycled without degrading its quality. Our sustainable handmade jewelry is made from solid gold recovered from old pieces, which are melted to give them a new life. All pieces are available in the three colors of gold: white, yellow and pink.

Lab grown diamonds
Lab grown diamonds are man-made diamonds created in laboratories replicating the same conditions found deep in the Earth. As they are created with the same materials as mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds but without the conflicts and questionable ethical practices found in the mining industry. At RÊVER we work with lab grown diamonds of G-H color and SI1+ clarity that allow us to create fair trade jewelry respecting the highest quality of each stone.

If you want to request a specific size or color, contact us at or visit our Made to Order service, together we will find the perfect diamond thanks to the wide variety of diamond cuts (brilliant, oval, cushion, princess, pear, emerald, marquise, asscher, radiant, heart and baguette) and diamond colors (pink, blue, yellow, green, red and orange) that we have available. Each cut and color has its own attributes and specifications, which play a fundamental role in the general appearance of the stone to create a unique and exclusive piece for you from our ethical jewelry sustainable brand.

Transparency compromise
Our commitment is based on create a responsible project that promotes trust in the jewelry industry by offering total transparency and crafting jewelry with purpose. Our commitment embraces the entire production process of all jewelry pieces, from the selection of the raw material to the delivery to the end customer.

We choose less is more in a world where, on many occasions, the acquisition of products generates an improper use of resources. For this reason, we decide to produce on demand to move away from overproduction and reduce the impact and promote conscious consumption in each of our pieces. We work everyday to make the jewelry industry more conscious, clean and circular with our ethical jewelry sustainable brand. We want to give consumers the opportunity to make conscious choices when purchasing a jewel.

We know that changes take time and working towards sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement, we create all our jewels in the most sustainable way in thought and in action. We hope you order consciously and love all your RÊVER jewelry.